Connecting patients and medical organizations is a novel blockchain-based platform that connects Patients, Doctors, Clinics, Medical organizations, Health insurance and Pharmaceutical companies.

Mobile App with EHR

  • Ability to book appointments with doctors online.
  • Patient’s electronic health records (EHR): the history of visits, doctors’ referrals, prescriptions, lab test results.
  • Map with geo-location, all branches of clinics sorted by distance, real time availabilities of all medical specialists
  • Ability to notify Patients about Special offers and Promotions.

Online booking Widget for Patients

  • 24/7 appointment booking without waiting on the line
  • Easy installation and addition to the clinic’s website in less than 5 minutes
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Mobile view is supported as well!
  • Widget can be integrated with any health insurance company, lead generation websites, and search engines

Administrator's Panel for the Clinic

  • Electronic appointments journal with Agenda optimization.
  • Full-featured integration with EHR system.
  • Reminders and marketing campaigns for Patients.
  • Feedback from Patients.
  • End-to-end analytics and call tracking.
  • Viewable and downloadable reports.

SMS-reminders & marketing campaigns

  • Increase level of customer service
  • Reduce number of patients’ no-shows
  • Notify administrators of new appointments
  • Marketing SMS-campaigns with targeting at minimal costs

Telemedicine solution

  • For lead generation: allows you to invite patients for a personal visit.
  • For increasing of loyalty: opportunity to have constant doctor’s support.
  • For medical treatment: to make diagnoses, provide with the prescriptions.
  • For cost savings: primary visit optimization.
  • For quality: to offer a remote consultation of a highly reputable doctor.

Doctors housecalls

  • Dynamic optimization of doctors on housecalls
  • Cost reduction of the housecalls services


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